About us...

crab standing on back legs

We love diving...

Scuba diving is our main activity, but not the only activity. Our members have a very wide range of experience from a number of different training agencies. Our divers have a very wide variety of interests from videography, photography, catching a feed right through to just hanging out and enjoying diving.

a pile of clean up debris including tables, bikes, road cones and bags of cans and bottles

Lending our ocean a hand

We regularly get out and do clean ups. We get a lot out of the ocean and its enjoyable to give back. Every month we try get out and do a clean up. Our regular spot is from the Taranaki wharf jump through to Chafers Marina. We align ourselves with the Sunday market so drop by and say hello, or better still, put on some gloves and help us decritter, count and bag the trash (Yep, we have spare gloves :-) )

wind turbines in the sunset


The members have a growing interest in other activities such as day hikes, camping, booking cabins for a weekend and bbqs. Sometimes we can even combine that with a dive, but not always. The key thing is to be able to enjoy a wide variety of activities. Other adventures enable us to involve non diving family and friends too!