Giving our oceans a hand...

Standing at the surface you might think there is no trash beneath - out of sight, out of mind. Those that venture below the surface soon learn a different story.

Taranaki Wharf to Chaffers Marina Clean ups

Each month we come get in the water to remove trash left by others... Scroll to the bottom to see our current tally spreadsheet.

divers in the water with trash collected assorted trash ready for collection including road cones, bikes, shopping trollies and bags of cans and bottles

Get involved, drop us a line... Get involved, drop us a line...

mountain bike on the beach

You might be surprised by what we find...

  • * Bicycles
  • * Bottles and cans
  • * Road cones
  • * Shopping Trollies
  • * Motor scooter
  • * Wallets, cards and phones
  • * Tables
  • * Skateboards
  • * Lots of assorted plastic items

assorted trash for collection

The clean ups are only successful if we have a variety of people involved. Diving is just one part of a clean up, other roles include:

  • * Decritter trash - we like returning whatever we can to the sea
  • * Bag small items
  • * Count each type of trash collected
  • * Record what is counted
  • * Help answer questions from the public

Crustacean on a glove

Decrittering is a very important part of the clean up. Every month we return numbers of critters back to the ocean including:

  • * Pygmy octopus
  • * Small fish
  • * Crabs
  • * Starfish
  • * Chitons
  • * Limpets

2017 Results Spreadsheet