Training and Mentoring

Where do you see your diving taking you in 5 years?

diver returing to the boat under water chandelier in the Bolshoi Lounge, Michael Lermontov Wreck

Open Water Diver is the beginning of the journey for most divers. It is worthwhile thinking in advance what you might like to achieve with diving. There are a number of avenues divers can follow from getting into more technical training for depth and penetration (wrecks and caves) through to photography and videography or just enjoying the plethora of life in the ocean.

Bubble Busters is just one of the many options to get training. We a couple of very experienced instructors that can, not just teach the curriculum but also provide in depth knowledge of the local environment.

Time isn't an issue and we won't put divers in very limited visibility to just get them through. Having said that, if you need to get your course done quickly ready for that trip overseas, then we probably are not the best option.

Pre requisites for the Open Water Course

  • * A medical questionnaire needs to be answered and if there are any conditions then a medical certificate is required to complete the course. We can provide you with that form to check.
  • * As part of the confined water (pool) sessions divers need to complete a 200m swim (any style, no time limit) in swimming gear only. You cannot wear a full mask, but you can wear swimming goggles.
  • * Floating for ten minutes is also required as part of the course again in swimming gear.

There are a huge number of other courses we can offer such as:

  • * Advanced Open Water
  • * Rescue Diver
  • * A number of speciality courses such as: Wreck, Night, Deep, Search and Recover etc.

Get involved, drop us a line... Get involved, drop us a line...